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A Journey to Reach the World of Walkinto Korea (워크인투코리아)
A Journey to Reach the World of Walkinto Korea (워크인투코리아)
  • Tra My Nguyen - WalkintoKorea
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As a "Your Glocal Partner", the mission of Walkinto Korea is to bridge the gap between nations, sharing the enchanting essence of Korea with the world. Led by the visionary founder, Mr. Kang Dea Hoon (강대훈), our journey is a testament to the power of learning from international events and embracing the spirit of globalization.

In today's fast-paced globalized world, the concept of "glocal" has gained immense significance - a seamless blend of global and local perspectives. And at the forefront of this dynamic approach stands Walkinto Korea, an organization with a mission to be your "Your Glocal Partner". Their unwavering commitment to globalization and their founder, Mr. Kang Dea Hoon, dedication to keeping this vision alive, sets them apart in the tourism and cultural landscape of Korea.

Learning from International Events

Learning from the success of others is a principle that has guided Walkinto Korea on their path to greatness. With over 25 years of experience in the export business, Mr. Kang embarked on a journey to establish a tourism news platform. Little did he know that this endeavor would eventually evolve into an all-encompassing newspaper, encapsulating the essence of Korea - its tourism, culture, people, and economic prowess.

The World Tourism Organization is the United Nations specialized agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism.
Mr. Kang Dea Hoon and Mr. Zurab Pololikashvili - Secretary-General of the UNWTO

One pivotal moment that inspired Mr. Kang was his attendance at the World Tourism Economic Forum in Macau back in 2019. Organized by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), this forum served as a hub for prominent figures in the tourism industry. During this event, Mr. Kang had the privilege of meeting the UNWTO President, Zurab Pololikashvili, as well as tourism ministers from Brazil and Argentina, along with representatives from China and other nations. These encounters not only enriched his understanding of the global tourism landscape but also fueled his determination to make Walkinto Korea a global force.

In addition to this, Mr. Kang actively participated in other significant events such as the United Nations Tour in Nairobi in 2012, the Global Tourism Economy Forum in Macau in 2020, and the Fish Eye International Film Festival in 2018. Each of these experiences contributed meaningfully to Walkinto Korea's growth and expansion.

Why Walkinto Korea Strives to Reach the World

One may wonder why Walkinto Korea places such emphasis on reaching a global audience. As a marketing agency, they comprehend the crucial role played by spreading their message far and wide. However, for Walkinto Korea, the ambition to reach the world goes beyond mere marketing strategies.


At its core, Walkinto Korea's quest to reach the world is a heartfelt desire to share the diverse and fascinating aspects of Korea with a global audience. They aim to break cultural barriers, foster mutual understanding, and create meaningful connections between people from all walks of life. In their eyes, the world is not just a market; it's a platform for cultural exchange and collaboration.

Continuing the Journey

As Walkinto Korea looks toward the future, they remain steadfast in their commitment to globalization. Every step they take, no matter how small, is a conscious effort to bridge the gap between different cultures and showcase the beauty and wonders of Korea to the world.


In the words of Mr. Kang Dea Hoon, "We will continue to push the boundaries and explore new horizons. Our journey has just begun, and there's so much more to do".


With their visionary leader and dedicated team, Walkinto Korea is bound to leave an indelible mark on the global stage, making the world feel just a little bit closer to the enchanting charms of Korea. As they walk into the future, hand in hand with the world, we can expect to witness extraordinary stories of cross-cultural connections and a celebration of diversity.

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