On the upgraded page, users have at their disposal a suite of tools, information and news to make informed decisions about prospective travel plans. The 'Country/Region Entry Restrictions' tool now allows users to input their desired destination and travel history, to see at a glance whether their travel will be restricted by the most up-to-date immigration policies. Users can also find on the page the most recent cancellation provisions from Trip.com, updates on relief efforts, and statistics on the state of the global pandemic.

The new tool is the latest iteration in a series of measures taken by the leading international online travel services provider to deliver on its promise of safe, seamless and pleasant travel experiences for users.

From the beginning of the outbreak in late January, Trip.com has provided daily updates on entry restrictions, documentation requirements and quarantine measures for countries and regions on its website in various languages, including English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Traditional), covering more than 15 markets internationally.

Trip.com has also provided constant updates to its cancellation policies, extending cancellation coverage for travelers unable to travel due to diagnosis with the virus, working on the frontlines of the medical effort, or immigration restrictions in their destination.

The platform has also streamlined extended cancellation provisions in line with the Safeguard Cancellation Guarantee initiative, led by Trip.com Group. Through the initiative, Trip.com Group united industry partners with the initiative to give peace of mind to its 400 million users worldwide in a time of uncertainty.

In addition to its efforts to make travel safer and easier for customers, Trip.com Group also recently announced an initiative that has seen the donation of 1 million surgical masks to countries across the globe.

"Our mission is to make travel pleasant," said Trip.com Group Chairman James Liang. "During this time of uncertainty, we feel it is our responsibility to do our utmost to give travelers peace of mind, and to bring the world together at this crucial moment in the fight against the pandemic."

Trip.com continues to monitor developments to ensure the safety of all travelers. The Trip.com COVID-19 International Traveler's Guide is available at: https://www.trip.com/covid-19/safe-travel?locale=en_xx

About Trip.com:

Trip.com is a leading international online one-stop travel service provider, available in 19 languages across 23 countries and regions. Our platform combines over 1.2 million hotels in 200 countries and regions, 2 million flights connecting more than 5000 cities, and world-class 24/7 English language customer service as well as additional centers in Edinburgh, Tokyo and Seoul, 'making every trip the perfect trip' for our millions of customers worldwide.

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