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Hanu Bibimbap Street[전라남도 함평, 한우 비빔밥]
Hanu Bibimbap Street[전라남도 함평, 한우 비빔밥]
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Hanu Bibimbap Street is near Hampyeong-gun County Office. The Korean beef market opening early in the morning makes you enjoy simple fun in a rural market and easily understand the food of Hampyeong. Hampyeong is famous for Korean beef. Hampyeong has the unique brand ‘Hampyeong Cheonji Hanu’. The reason why Korean beef of Hampyeong is delicious may be the same as for the butterfly festival. What is required more than fertile land, clean and rich water, clean air and quality Korean beef? Beef Tartare Bibimbap selected as the delicacy of Hampyeong is the same. Korean beef is famous in Hampyeong and so the beef market is developed together. Thanks to the beef market, Bibimbap with fresh raw beef slices is secured as the delicacy of Hampyeong.

6, Sijang-gil, Hampyeong-eup, Hampyeong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Tel 061-320-1643

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