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Paris Baguette Enter into Official Global Partnership with Paris Saint-Germain
Paris Baguette Enter into Official Global Partnership with Paris Saint-Germain
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To Strengthen Overseas Brand Awareness

Through Sports Marketing to Expand Global Business

  • Globally popular football club based in Paris, France where Lee Kang-In, South Korea's beloved football player, is playing.
  • CEO Jinsoo Hur: "We will deliver greater enjoyment and value through collaboration between the food culture and sports, with Paris as motif".

PARIS and SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Paris Baguette announced on November 2, 2023 that it is embarking on its first journey in global sports marketing by becoming the first Korean company to enter into an official partnership with Paris Saint-Germain, one of the most successful football clubs in the world.

At Parc des Princes located in Paris, CEO Jinsoo Hur of the Paris. Baguette HQ and Chief Revenue Officer Marc Armstrong of Paris Saint-Germain pose for a photo after signing the official sponsorship agreement.


At Parc des Princes located in Paris, Paris Baguette and Paris Saint-Germain signed sponsorships agreement with the message ‘안녕(AnNyeong, Hi), Paris Baguette’. From left, YeonJeong Kim, Vice President Marketing of Paris Baguette HQ ; Jinsoo Hur, CEO at Paris Baguette HQ ; Marc Armstrong, Chief Revenue Officer at Paris Saint-Germain ; Sebastien Wasels, Managing Director at Paris Saint-Germain APAC.


Parc Des Princes stadium branded by Paris Baguette and of Paris Saint-Germain

Growing as a global bakery brand by operating about 4000 stores globally, including 500 in North America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia, Paris Baguette plans to strengthen its global brand awareness and status by conducting sports marketing activities with Paris Saint-Germain, a professional football club with a large fanbase across the world and based in Paris, the home of bread and a football powerhouse.

In particular, Paris Saint-Germain is receiving great attention and love from global football fans with its world-famous star players and innovative collaborations in fashion, gastronomy, art, etc. Paris Baguette will utilize this partnership with Paris Saint-Germain to bring a positive and impactful outcome to its marketing strategy. 

Paris Baguette will capitalize on the partnership with Paris Saint-Germain by carrying out a range of marketing activities in Korea and internationally, starting this month.

First, the Paris Baguette logo and advertising video will be exposed in Parc des Princes, the home stadium of Paris Saint-Germain, during every home game of the team. The company will also provide local fans with an opportunity to experience its bakery products and desserts on matchdays. In addition, Paris Baguette will produce powerful content with key players of Paris Saint-Germain, release collaboration-based merchandise and products, and hold promotional events to give away tickets to attend official tours and matches of Paris Saint-Germain.

Marc Armstrong, Chief Revenue Officer, Paris Saint-Germain, said: "We are very pleased to welcome Paris Baguette, our first ever partner from South Korea to the Paris Saint-Germain family. For more than 35 years, Paris Baguette has consistently innovated and developed their unique know-how around an unconditional love for the globally inspiring city of Paris and the legendary baguette. Together, we are now ready to help Paris Baguette export its pursuit of excellence internationally, and we are proud to be able to accompany them in their global growth plans."

Jinsoo Hur, CEO, Paris Baguette, said: "We are pleased to enter into a partnership with the prestigious football club Paris Saint-Germain. We will be able to deliver greater enjoyment and value to our customers and football fans across the world through collaboration between the food culture and sports based on Paris, a magnificent city, as motif. Moving forward, Paris Baguette will continue striving to provide customers with newer and more diverse experiences." 

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