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Romantic Starry Night: Astronomy theme event at Daejeon Observatory (대전시민천문대)
Romantic Starry Night: Astronomy theme event at Daejeon Observatory (대전시민천문대)
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Romantic Starry Night, which was an International Exchange event hosted by Walkinto Korea, was held on November 3 in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon

Hosted by Walkinto Korea, Romantic Starry Night was held on the 3rd of November, in order to boost the international exchange for foreigners living in Daejeon, South Korea as well as promote Korean culture. The event took place in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon with the participation of friends from Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, the Philippines, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and Nepal.

We first met at the 5.5 Dakgalbi Yuseong Branch to have dinner. Dakgalbi has always been one of the best Korean dishes for foreigners, so to promote K-food and Daejeon's downtown commercial district, participants will post pictures with hashtags #Daejeon #dakgalbi #5.5dakgaili #yuseong-gu on their SNS.

During the meal, participants introduced themselves, got to know each other, and also shared about the joys and the things they like when living in Korea.

Daejeon Observatory

The Daejeon Observatory is equipped with various telescopes for observing celestial objects, a projection hall that explains constellations through images, and an astronomical room for astronomical observations.     

Participants observed celestial objects and had a tour around the exhibition hall under the guidance of Choi Hyung-bin, head of the Daejeon Observatory, and a commentator. In particular, at the circular celestial projection hall, the participants had a chance to watch videos about the galaxy, the birth of celestial objects, and many constellations. 

The final activity was a Night Party and Dance

Participants gathered in the first-floor courtyard of the Citizens' Observatory and shared their impressions of the romantic evening tour. One student expressed her feeling, “I have heard that Daejeon was a city of science”, she was extremely happy, "Coming to the observatory made the city of science feel romantic". Jannien Dalagan, a student from the Philippines stated, "Through this party, I was able to make friends across nationalities and religions. I am falling in love with this city". Participants enjoyed looking at the stars at the citizen's observatory and reliving memories of things they had previously read about, such as constellations and the order of planets in the solar system

Among the participants, our lovely friend Jacqueline from the Philippines sang for us several songs under the night sky. She performed ‘Rewrite the Stars’ and ‘Don’t Know Why’, making the romantic night even more beautiful. Afterward, we had a quick dance activity together to wrap up the event.

Let’s have a look at participants’ sharing and photos on the tour that day!





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