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Experience Living in Buyeo (부여) : an Experiential Local Travel Tour for Foreigners
Experience Living in Buyeo (부여) : an Experiential Local Travel Tour for Foreigners
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In cooperation with lifestyle company ‘J! Us’, Walkinto Korea, a marketing and promotion company, conducted an experiential tour for Buyeo Living Work in Buyeo-gun. “Workation” is the term that was emphasized in this concept, which is a combination of “work” and “vacation”.

Participants for the "Living in Buyeo" tour this time include Grant and Tummy from South Africa, Edelweiss, an English teacher, Riza from the Philippines, Gia-Han from Vietnam, and coordinator Kevin from South Korea.

​The group had a quick tour of the commercial facilities of Lotte Resort, starting with the Buyeo Baekje Cultural Complex. At Baekje Cultural Complex, a promotional video was filmed while wearing the Hanbok, a Korean traditional costume, and dancing. Afterward, the participants went to the Baekma River and took a Hwangpo sailboat to enjoy the spectacular view of Nakhwaam Rock.


For lunch, we enjoyed a beautiful lunch set, including sticky rice wrapped by lotus leaves at a local restaurant. While eating, participants shared their thoughts about the need for vegetarian restaurants for Indians and vegans, and halal restaurants for Muslim visitors. ​

In the afternoon, the experience moved to Naseong-dong Hanok Village and the concept of working and resting in a traditional Korean Hanok small village. This is also aimed to promote to the world through participants' social media and Walkinto Korea, an English news website. 

Edelweiss, an English teacher who attended this event, expressed her impression, “Buyeo was known only as a city of UNESCO cultural heritage. Moreover, I also learned that it is a city with a top-notch agricultural reputation. Buyeo seems like a good place for foreign immigrants to work and relax.” 

This tour for foreigners was implemented as part of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security’s ‘Empathy e-Full’ project. The Ministry of Public Administration and Security’s ‘Empathy e-Full’ is a project that utilizes digital technology to support the resolution of local issues based on the direct participation and contribution of local residents. 


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