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Theatre des Lumieres: Dali, The Endless Enigma
Theatre des Lumieres: Dali, The Endless Enigma
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The Seoul 'Theater des Lumieres,' which opened in 2022, has effectively utilized the identity of the Warhol Theater, establishing itself as a multifaceted cultural and art space where visitors can enjoy a sensory experience beyond a simple exhibition space. Through immersive experiences that unfold in an expansive area of up to 1,500 square meters and an imposing height of 21 meters, the audience is transported into the heart of the artwork, providing them with a unique artistic experience akin to becoming the protagonists of a masterpiece.

Event Dates Jun 15, 2023 ~ Mar 03, 2024
Phone +82-2-1670-2827
Website View Website
Website Language KOR,ENG
Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday 10:00-18:20 KST (Last admission 17:30)
Friday-Sunday 10:00-19:10 KST (Last admission 18:20)
Important Operating hours may change due to facility circumstances, so please check the closure date notice (announcement) on the website before visiting.
Adults (Born before 2004): KRW 29,000 / Teenagers (Born between 2005 and 2010): KRW 21,000 / Children (Born between 2011 and 2016): KRW 15,000
Address 04963  177, Walkerhill-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul (B1F)  
Transportation Subway Line 5, Gwangnaru Station, Exit 2

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