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Sejong Tour: A night walking party with foreigners at Ieung Bridge
Sejong Tour: A night walking party with foreigners at Ieung Bridge
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On Friday, 2023, a party organized by Walk into Korea to promote Sejong tourism to attract foreigners and to promote Sejong City, the administrative capital, to the world, was held in the Ieung Bridge area of Sejong City.

More than 30 participants are coming with us from all over the world, from Indonesia Malaysia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, India, and Mongolia. There were students who came to Korea to study, foreign officials studying at the Korea Development Institute (KDI), and citizens of Daejeon and Sejong who participated. We started the meeting at Goseuran, a restaurant that provides Korean traditional meals, and started bonding there. After dinner, we started to walk around the Ieung Bridge, one of the most famous landmarks of Sejong City to enjoy the romantic vibe and the cold breeze of the early winter in Korea.

Our friend Sumit, a doctoral student at Chungnam University from India, expressed his thoughts, "I’m studying in Daejeon, but it was nice to see Sejong, the new administrative capital of Korea. I was especially grateful for providing vegetarian Indians with a vegan rice meal.” One of our other friends, Malik, an Indonesian student studying at the Korea Development Institute (KDI), also shared, "I'm surprised that such a party-like international exchange program is being conducted at a private level outside the institute. I will share this helpful information with my whole city and my friends. It's a fun and happy night.” CEO Kang Deahoon, who hosted the party, explained the meaning of Ieung Bridge, stating, "Making friends beyond nationality and race is making peace. I hope that peace without war will be established everywhere in this globe”.

Attendees after participating will put hashtags on their SNS account, such as #Sejeong #Sejongcity #SejongParty #이응다리 #GeumgangPedestrianBridge to promote Sejong tourism to the world through English articles.

**This party was sponsored by the Sejong Tourism Enterprise Support Center.

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