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Daejeon Street Party: an Exciting Tour discovering Daejeon Downtown
Daejeon Street Party: an Exciting Tour discovering Daejeon Downtown
  • Kang Deahoon
  • 승인 2023.11.15 15:16
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Daejeon Street Party hosted by Walkinto Korea, a street tour aiming to promote Daejeon tourism and emphasize the Eunhaeng-dong commercial district, was held on August 26 in Eunhaeng-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon

Participants joining the street tour are from all over the world, from Mexico, USA, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Russia, the Philippines, to Mongolia. They are international students who currently studying in Korea, English teachers, travelers and also Daejeon citizens.

To open up the event, we had dinner at Hongchuncheon Dakgalbi restaurant. The reason for choosing this dish is because chicken dishes are a common food that those who do not eat pork and or do not eat beef can enjoy too.

During the meal, participants got to know everyone, bonding and introducing themselves, and talked about the joys and inconveniences of living in Korea. They can also use the hashtags #Daejeon #dakgalbi #Euneungjeongi  #eunhaengdong posted on each SNS to promote Daejeon tourism and Daejeon's downtown commercial district.

K-Dance at Euneungjeongi Sky Road in Eunhaeng-dong, Daejeon

​There was a children's K-pop dance demonstration sponsored by One Entertainment (CEO Won Jeong-mi), which is working to spread children's K-dance to the world. The K-Dance of cute children dancing to K-pop music on Euneungjeongi Sky Road immediately caught the attention of people walking on the street. Participants joining this street tour also take the chance to dance together with the kids, in order to spread the Korean Wave and the fun of Daejeon City.

Club Party

Phi Phi Island is a club-style bar and popular with young people interested in cocktails. Three DJs were there and played one of the best music for the street tour participants to enjoy.

Ms. Riza, a Filipino who works at a Korean research institute who attended that day, “It is a fun and cheerful place”, she added, “this is the first time I knew there was such a fun place in Daejeon”.

This party is sponsored by the Daejeon Tourism Organization to publicize Daejeon's downtown commercial districts, Eunhaeng-dong and Daeheung-dong, and to promote Daejeon tourism. Daejeon, an interesting city, will be promoted through the participants' national networks, SNS, and articles on Walkinto Korea.

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