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Immersing in the local environment with the Workation theme: Would you like to live in Buyeo?
Immersing in the local environment with the Workation theme: Would you like to live in Buyeo?
  • Kang Deahoon
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Workation is a combination of the words “work” and “vacation”, which is a new work style that allows you to relax and work wherever you want.

On October 27, J! Us and the cooperative owner implemented a project for the sake of Buyeo-gun, such as producing content and creating a platform to secure the living population in Buyeo-gun. Walkinto Korea was in charge of promotions and tours for Koreans experiencing life in Buyeo, as well as travel tours for foreigners.

Director Cho Gyeong-cheol in his 30s, Yoon Jae-yoon 25 years old, a model for the matchmaking company Duo, and Jeong Hyo-in, a 27-year-old cosmetics model. Entertainment director Won Jeong-mi, in her 50s, also participated in the tour. That being said, the living population does not distinguish between young, middle-aged, and old so Buyeo ‘Empathy e-Full’ members chose Buyeo-gun as the location for their experience.

(People in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s friendly bonding together)

Participants came to Naseong Hanok, Mood Village, and famous Hanok cafes afterward. What is the difference between working and relaxing while drinking tea at a this peaceful and drinking coffee and working at Starbucks? What differentiates it from Starbucks is local identity, local tradition, and rurality.

Buyeo ‘Empathy e-Full’ members used the Gungnamji Tourist Information Center to do their work. On that day, we checked emails, sent communications, and wrote documents for our work to prove that we can do as much work as we wanted even in rural areas.

Buyeo's 'Dye Studio Cotton Shop' offers a dyeing experience using the eco-friendly Eco Trend Tie-dyeing technique, which is an eco-friendly dye that minimizes water use. Participants have a chance to make scarves by mixing the colors they wanted. CEO Song Seong-won and Teila told us their story when they came to Buyeo from Georgia, USA while we were waiting for the fabric to be steamed.

When the dyed scarf was rinsed in water, an unexpected pattern unfolded and a new unique scarf was made!

So, how do you feel about living in Buyeo?

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