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Daejeon-based innovation entities jointly seek regional innovation plan
Daejeon-based innovation entities jointly seek regional innovation plan
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‘Daejeon Regional Innovation Forum Kick-off’ was held with 8 organizations with the participation of the Korea Water Resources Corporation.

On Friday, December 1st, the Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water, CEO Yoon Seok-dae), held an event at the Chungnam National University Convergence Education Innovation Center along with Daejeon-based innovation institutions. The launch ceremony of the ‘Daejeon Regional Innovation Forum’ was held to consolidate Daejeon's capabilities to leap forward as a global innovation city.

The Daejeon Innovation Forum is a place to discover and implement specific tasks by establishing a voluntary and close cooperation system between innovators in Daejeon to support the successful implementation of government policies aimed at pioneering a new regional era. Eight innovative organizations, including the Korea Water Resources Corporation, Chungnam National University, Daejeon Metropolitan City, Daejeon Science Industry Promotion Agency, Daejeon Creative Economy Innovation Center, Daejeon Sejong Chungnam Headquarters, Daejeon Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency, and Daejeon Techno Park, participated.

The forum began with a welcoming speech by Koo Ja-yeong, the head of the planning department of the Korea Water Resources Corporation, and Lee Joon-woo, the vice president of Chungnam National University, and was opened with a congratulatory speech by Park Yeon-byeong, the head of the Planning and Coordination office in Daejeon.

A panel discussion involving experts from six institutions was followed by a keynote lecture on "Regional Innovation and Daejeon's Potential for Economic Growth in Korea" by Kang Dea-hoon, CEO of WalkInto Korea, an urban brand and marketing expert. Following part is a presentation on "Daejeon's Innovation Ecosystem Creation Status and Future Development Tasks" by Koo Ja-hyun, director of the Daejeon Institute of Science and Industry Promotion. 

Innovative organizations in Daejeon have agreed to cooperate on the city's regional innovation agenda for economic revitalization and co-prosperity. Starting in 2024, the Daejeon Innovation Forum will benchmark advanced cases, operate regular working groups, and promote regional-based cooperative projects. The Korea Water Resources Corporation will support the region's sustainable development and regional growth. The forum will also create a regional innovation ecosystem in the urban tech sector, develop regional innovation agendas, and promote regional-specific customized joint projects. This collaboration strongly aims to promote regional growth and co-prosperity in Daejeon.

Koo Ja-yeong, head of the Planning department of the Korea Water Resources Corporation, stated, "In order to support the development of a new regional era, the Korea Water Resources Corporation is also making sincere efforts by cooperating with the region". He added, "based on the forum launched today, we will actively collaborate with innovative organizations in Daejeon to promote various regional innovation projects that the region and citizens can feel, and cooperate so that Daejeon can develop into a new hope for the Republic of Korea."


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