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Sejong City School - Carbon Neutral Forest Education by Forest is the Answer (숲이 답이다 Company)
Sejong City School - Carbon Neutral Forest Education by Forest is the Answer (숲이 답이다 Company)
  • Kang Kyung-hee
  • 승인 2023.12.05 03:09
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Carbon-neutral forest education to form a virtuous circle of forest resources and spread the realization of carbon-neutrality in life. Participants shared that they learned the practice of making a green district by cultivating forests and using wood.

The importance of carbon neutrality in response to the climate crisis is increasing day by day, and practicing carbon neutrality is an essential task.

Carbon-neutral forest education is an education program that is being carried out in accordance with the 'business agreement between relevant ministries to realize school carbon neutrality (business agreement between six ministries including the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and the Ministry of Environment on 2021.04.13.).
This education utilizes educational materials completed through collaboration between the National Forest Research Institute and the National Arboretum at the Korea Forest Welfare Promotion Agency and is taught by carbon neutral instructors.
These are programs related to carbon neutrality that will lead to the consensus of all elementary, middle, and high school students subject to education, and contain the roles of forests and wood.
숲이 답이다 Company (CEO Kang Kyung-hee) receives demand surveys and conducts visiting carbon-neutral forest education for schools in Sejong City through agreements with the Korea Forest Service, the Korea Forest Welfare Promotion Agency, and the local education office.

The visiting carbon-neutral forest education program is a class for future generations of students to recognize the importance of forests under the theme of carbon neutrality and to raise awareness of protection. It attracted students' interest through programs such as carbon neutrality using forest play teaching aids, trees canning carbon, wise forest carbon neutrality.

A fifth-grade student at Dabit Primary School, Sejong, expressed with high satisfaction, "I learned the importance of forests through carbon neutral forest education, and it was good to learn carbon neutrality in fun ways through board games and outside activities. I also want to work on carbon neutrality".  

CEO Kang Kyung-hee stated, "The carbon-neutral forest education responds to the global climate crisis, and in schools. Future generations of students will be able to play a very important role in realizing carbon neutrality". In addition, he said he would expand it to out-of-school youth and the general public to conduct carbon-neutral forest education and strive to develop carbon-neutral forest education contents in the forest sector

Forest is the Answer Company is a forest welfare business that provides various forest welfare services, including carbon-neutral forest education, forest tourism-based general public, forest experiences with the underprivileged, mountain villages, and visiting forest classes.


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