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Daejeon Tourism Workers United Become One Through Tourism!
Daejeon Tourism Workers United Become One Through Tourism!
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Daejeon celebrated the 50th Tourism Day and commendation of distinguished service to Tourism Development

On the 7th of December, Daejeon City held the ‘50th Tourism Day Commemorative Event’ (제50회 관광의 날 기념식) at the Radomus Art Center in Yuseong-gu, with about 150 people in attendance, including Daejeon City Tourism Association President Lee Hee-byeong, Daejeon City Deputy Mayor for Economics and Science Lee Seok-bong, and tourism industry officials.

This event was held to encourage tourism industry officials who have firmly overcome difficult times due to COVID-19 over the past few years and to promote friendship and harmony among local tourists. It was held with commendations for meritorious people, commemorative photos, and special lectures on the tourism topic.

At the event, commendations, including the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Award, were awarded to 19 people who contributed to the development of regional tourism in each field.

Lee Yong-seon, CEO of Daeyang International Travel Agency, received a commendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Kim Tae-young, Shim Gyu-nam, Seok Yoo, Lee Ki-bong, Choi Hye-eun, Lim Jae-deok, and Chae Jun-byeong received a commendation from the Mayor of Daejeon.

Additionally, commendations from the President of the Korea Tourism Association were received by Kang Hwan-pyo, Kim Jeong-tae, Lee Sang-bong, and Ahn Jung-ho. The Daejeon Tourism Association President's Citation was received by Song Joo-young, Ahn Wook-hyeon, Han Hak-jin, Im Sang-sang, Jo Byeong-eun, and Kim Sang-young, and Seong Man-gyu received the association’s plaque of merit.

After the awards ceremony, CEO Yoo Deok-su from My Work Lab gave a special lecture about ‘The Future of Digital Transformation in the Tourism Industry’ and emphasized the need to quickly keep up with changing tourism trends for tourism workers.

Lee Hee-byeong, president of the Daejeon City Tourism Association, stated, “The tourism industry is our main future source of development engine,” he added, “The Daejeon City Tourism Association will strive to create a sustainable tourism ecosystem.”

Daejeon City Tourism Association: http://djta.or.kr/ 

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