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After the expansion in China and Mongolia, Mokwon University (목원대) continue to promote ‘Global Shared Campus’ with Vietnam universities
After the expansion in China and Mongolia, Mokwon University (목원대) continue to promote ‘Global Shared Campus’ with Vietnam universities
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Mokwon University is pursuing the establishment of a ‘Global Shared Campus’ with universities in Vietnam, after successfully implementing the system in China and Mongolia.

The Global Shared Campus is a comprehensive cooperation system that goes beyond exchange and cooperation between domestic and overseas universities to open and share curriculum, educational resources, and educational facilities.

On the 27th of December, Mokwon University's Office of International Cooperation announced that it signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Vietnam's Trade Union University (Dai Hoc Cong Doan) to build a global shared campus.

Established in central Hanoi in 1946, Trade Union University has a long history and tradition and currently has over 10,000 students enrolled in two campuses.

After signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on October 16 last year, the two universities continued to sign a detailed agreement that included content related to building a global shared campus, including study abroad programs, joint research, and revitalizing the Korean language education center.

Both universities plan to quickly take follow-up measures, such as operating a dedicated organization and office to implement a global shared campus.

Trade Union University President Le Man-Hung said, “This agreement is an important starting point for the development of both universities,” and added, “It will contribute to nurturing global talent by providing a variety of educational programs to students.”

President Lee Hee-hak said, “We expect that through cooperation with Vietnam’s Trade Union University, we will be able to raise the international capabilities of students and faculty at both universities to the next level.” He added, “Mokwon University will work together to foster global talent through the development of various educational programs.” “We will continue our efforts to become a ‘leading global education university’ that attracts and nurtures global talent that will drive the university’s growth.”

Mokwon University is pursuing the construction of a global shared campus to improve the university's educational competitiveness and students' global capabilities.

Last November, Mokwon University signed a business agreement with Shandong University of Foreign Studies in China to build a global shared campus. In December, it signed a business agreement on a global shared campus with the Hure University of Information and Communication in Mongolia and the Mongolian University of Humanities. 

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