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Buyeo-gun (부여군) Chungcheongnam-do starts to promote first 4-star Hanok hotel
Buyeo-gun (부여군) Chungcheongnam-do starts to promote first 4-star Hanok hotel
  • Buyeo-gun (부여군)
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Connecting with the Seodongyo historical tourist site, creating a tourist-type accommodation facility worth 12 billion won worth of healing attractions

Buyeo-gun (Governor Park Jeong-hyeon) is building the first 4-star Hanok hotel in South Chungcheong Province worth 12 billion won in the area of Gahwa-ri, Chunghwa-myeon (Seodongyo Historical Tourist Site).

The Buyeo Seodongjae Hanok Hotel development project aims to build 36 Hanok hotels, multi-purpose rooms, restaurants, etc. by linking the beautiful natural scenery with existing tourist resources such as Seodongyo theme park and suspension bridge.

Through this project, the plan is to create tourism infrastructure that represents the southern region of the county, along with the Seodong Yacht Set, and transform it into a stay-oriented tourist destination through unique, high-quality accommodations that meet the trend of family vacations.

In detailed design, a private consignor (specialized hotel management company) will be decided in January and construction will begin in the second half of this year. County Governor Park Jeong-hyeon said, “This project is aimed at expanding the accommodation facilities that Buyeo-gun lacks and diversifying tourism routes.” He added, “By creating a Hanok hotel, Buyeo-gun’s brand will increase, and tourism at healing attractions linked to existing infrastructure, including the influx of domestic and foreign tourists, will take place.” “We will create lodging facilities,” he added.


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