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[Mokwon University - 목원대] Iruda Planet Co., Ltd., a Mokwon University family company, receives the ‘CES 2024’ Innovation Award for its digital twin metaverse
[Mokwon University - 목원대] Iruda Planet Co., Ltd., a Mokwon University family company, receives the ‘CES 2024’ Innovation Award for its digital twin metaverse
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Mokwon University's LINC 3.0 Business Team recently announced 'CES Innovation' by unveiling the Metaverse (virtual world) 'Digital Twin Mirror World' at the '2024 International Electronics Show' (CES 2024) held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It was announced on the 17th that it had received an award.

CES 2024 is the world's largest exhibition held every January in the United States with over 4,000 companies from 150 countries participating for this year.

Iruda Planet Co., Ltd. received the CES Innovation Award in the ‘Web 3.0 and Metaverse Technology’ category.

'Digital Twin Mirror World', exhibited by Iruda Planet Co., Ltd., goes beyond the virtual reality and game-based levels that were the limitations of the existing game-type metaverse and utilize actual survey-based 3D geographic information system data to create a digital 'real-time virtual world' of the entire city. It is evaluated as a next-generation metaverse technology that implements twins (a technology that reproduces information such as real space and objects in a virtual space like twins).

The core of the technology applied to this product is to enable the same activities as in real-time urban spaces to be performed in 360-degree virtual reality (VR) live-action images and 3D real-life images.

It was recognized for its innovation in that it dramatically reduced the cost and time required to implement a city as a digital twin, and optimized it to realistically implement detailed streets and environments.

The CES Innovation Award is selected by a panel of industry expert judges hosted by CTA (The Consumer Technology Association) by comprehensively evaluating the technology, function, design, and originality, and innovation of the technology among companies participating in the expo.

Kim Hyeong-sik, CEO of Iruda Planet Co., Ltd., said, “Recently, the limitations of the Metaverse industry have been pointed out as virtual or game-based solutions, but the next-generation Metaverse market based on digital twins will be greatly opened.” “We will stabilize and develop into a company that leads the global market,” he said.
Jeong Cheol-ho, head of the Mokwon University LINC 3.0 Business Team, who was in charge of corporate promotion at the CES 2024 site as the general manager of this project, said, “This is the first global family business support program conducted by the Mokwon University LINC 3.0 Business Team, and there were many difficulties in the preparation process, but the product was developed on site. “I am very happy to receive a positive response that exceeded my expectations and even receive the CES Innovation Award. We will continue to actively pursue industry-academia cooperation programs that can provide practical help in the growth of local companies and the development of student capabilities, not only in Korea but also in the global market.” “We will continue to develop it” he added.

Mokwon University's LINC 3.0 business team selected excellent products through screening among key products of local family companies through the ‘CES exhibition participation support project through product advancement’.

Mokwon University's LINC 3.0 business group's support for participation in CES not only directly supported incidental costs such as booth installation, but also provided opportunities to strengthen students' practical capabilities through standard field training with the relevant companies.

Two Mokwon University students, including Kim Yu-ri from the Department of Business Administration and Jun-gyu Bok from the Department of Global Business, attended CES 2024 during the on-site training period and developed practical skills by operating an on-site booth and conducting buyer consultations jointly with companies, as well as observing CES 2024 and visiting local companies. We improved our global capabilities through this.

Meanwhile, Mokwon University's LINC 3.0 Project Group shares the excellent human and material resources of companies and universities through the Enterprise Partnership Program and provides benefits such as customized support based on corporate demand.
Iruda Planet Co., Ltd., which received the Innovation Award at CES 2024, is a VIP partnership-level family company of Mokwon University's LINC 3.0 business group.

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