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Daejeon City Bus (대전 시내버스): An eco-friendly way to explore the beauty of Daejeon
Daejeon City Bus (대전 시내버스): An eco-friendly way to explore the beauty of Daejeon
  • Kang Deahoon
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Daejeon bus, which is one of the main transportation of the people in Daejeon, is also a friendly and affordable way to discover the city!
An in-service hydrogen bus of Daejeon City

When it comes to taking buses, some people may hesitate because of the crowded and unclean buses Sometimes the buses in Daejeon will be very crowded, but they are always clean, modern, and very comfortable.

Passengers in all ages can use the bus

Some routes are equipped with electric buses, which move as smoothly as flying and are extremely environmentally friendly. Many people think that taking the bus is dangerous because being on the bus is crowded with many people, increasing the possibility of COVID-19 infection. The truth is that Daejeon buses are always equipped with hand sanitizer and are strictly regulated. You are not allowed to get on the bus if you don't have a mask or don't wear it properly during COVID time.

Taking a bus is also a way to enjoy the beauty of the local area by watching the outside scenery out of the window, You can stop at each bus station, watching the people with a slow lifestyle, the way they give up their seats to the elderly. This is a beautiful culture and a simple lifestyle in a peaceful but equally interesting city.

A bus stop in Daejeon City

Buses in different colors have their own “personality”. For example, blue buses are usually seen in the cities with many buses in service so you don’t have to wait so long for the next bus. Another example is buses with a green color. These buses will take you around the suburbs of the city with a very long route. 

Source: Daejeon Bus

More information about Daejeon City Bus: https://www.daejeonbus.or.kr/sub0401.do 


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