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"UFO in Daejeon" - a Science Fiction sitcom from 'Zigzag Delta Team' in the Science City
"UFO in Daejeon" - a Science Fiction sitcom from 'Zigzag Delta Team' in the Science City
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A sitcom that describes a scientist who tries to follow his dream even in an absurd situation

The SF (Science Fiction) genre sitcom "Zigzag Delta Team (from now on referred to as Delta Team)" has started broadcasting, according to the production company Players (director Yoon Byung-chul).

Delta Team is a research and development machine for D Team of Chilseong DD, a defense company in the Daedeok Special Zone, to find extraterrestrial technology, drawing scientists who try to pursue their dreams even in absurd situations. The work follows the traditional sitcom's directing method, with a laughing point to maintain interest while dealing with science and technology and work life. The sitcom also contains the culture and infrastructure of Daejeon, a science city, such as the Daejeon Science Festival.

There are three episodes in one season, with the birth of the Delta team in episode one and the UFO disturbance episode in episode two being broadcast on the YouTube channel [Delta team of dreams]. Episode three of Science Festival was scheduled to air in January 2024.

Director Yoon Byung-chul stated, "The area that domestic pop culture has not shown so far will be science and technology," adding, "If the Sitcom Delta team succeeds, the genre of domestic content will be expanded, and Daejeon will become a sacred place for science and culture content."

Meanwhile, the Delta team is the selection of the Daejeon Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency's regional specialized content development support project.

Science Festival Episode 3 

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