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Seodaejeon High School (서대전고등학교): The 9th Alumni Association Celebrate the 40th Graduation Anniversary
Seodaejeon High School (서대전고등학교): The 9th Alumni Association Celebrate the 40th Graduation Anniversary
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Seodaejeon High School's 9th Alumni Association (Chairman Lee Woo-jun) is holding a commemorative event celebrating 40 years after graduating from high school. The 9th class of graduates of Seodaejeon High School are planning a meeting with great friends with the largest number of students compared to those events in the past.

The 9th class reunion, which will be a memorable event with memories of the most precious high school days in life, will open the second part of the event with a chorus of classmates. People will gather together to practice before the commemorative event, recalling their own memories and naturally building friendships with their friends.

Seodaejeon High School's 9th reunion will be held at the Yuseong Convention Wedding Hall on April 20, 2024, and alumni and alumni families will participate in the celebration. Chairman Lee Woo-jun explained the preparation process, saying, “We graduated from Seodaejeon High School in 1984, and today would like to leave here the memories of the 9th alumni who led us for 40 years with a lot of sweat during 3 years on Yongmeori Hill.”

Additionally, the 9th class alumni association of Seodaejeon High School is creating its own album of memories to celebrate the 40th anniversary of graduation. Photos during high school are collected, including photos of the alumni' faces from their school days and now, and the ones they have taken together to create a life album to give wonderful memories to others.

Lee Jang-bok, president of the 9th Finance Alumni Association of Seodaejeon High School, shared his expression, “I am deeply touched by the joy of Daejeon and Finance Association joining forces to create a memorable time together and share 40 years of friendship. I reckon that attendees will come as much as possible”.

Annually, Seodaejeon High School's 9th Alumni Association held a one-day picnic to unite with friends, however, due to COVID-19, the event was postponed for a long time. Now, it is expected to be reformed and become such a meaningful event once again.

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