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[SolBridge] Sol Impact (UCLG Club) - a club that organize activities for business immersion program
[SolBridge] Sol Impact (UCLG Club) - a club that organize activities for business immersion program
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UCLG Club was established in response to the request of the UCLG Promotion Team to establish a club to promote UCLG events and support activities.

The club was registered in August 2021 with the help of two advisors Professor Choi Chang-jun and Professor Annamari. In 2023, the number of members in the club was about 200 students that interested in joining plenty of useful programs. (The club later on changed its name to Sol Impact Club after the UCLG General Meeting).

There are many activities were organized to support the UCLG events as well as for students to participate in the Solbrigde external activities. Some of the activities were participating in domestic short programs such as international poetry recitation competitions, participating in surveys to measure to improve the environment for attracting foreigners in Daejeon (organized by DiSTEP), and taking part in student selection for major competitions hosted by other international universities.

As the slogan “Act For Impact”, the club always strives to make more impactful outcomes by implementing developed plans:

   - Exchange programs with other universities: Korea University (Sejong Campus), Indonesian Venus University, Swiss German University, etc.

   - Honorary Ambassador Program reorganization and progress in a new direction: After the UCLG event, continue self-promotion activities such as activities with tourism organizations.

   - To support the Economic and Science City Alliance program conducted by Daejeon City, the Ambassador program is scheduled to resume with the Daejeon Science and Industry Promotion Agency, the host organization, in 2024.

   - Strengthening cooperative programs that foreign students can participate in, such as producing documentaries highlighting the lives of Koreans in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, which are planned at the Daejeon Arts Forum.

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