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Daejeon City (대전시): continuously moves forward to become the world economic and scientific capital
Daejeon City (대전시): continuously moves forward to become the world economic and scientific capital
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Executive Mayor Yoo Deuk-won (유득원) visited Hsinchu City - Taiwan and Tsukuba City - Japan, inspected JAXA.
Sharing space industry policies and the vision of the Economic and Science Cities Alliance and expanding exchanges upon transfer.

This year, Daejeon City founded the World Economic and Science Cities Association in September to link the world's best Daedeok Special Zone science technology and resources with a global economic platform. This is also an opportunity to concentrate its capabilities to become a world-class economic and scientific city.

From the 18th, Daejeon City Executive Mayor Yoo Deuk-won is attracting attention by carrying out full-scale economic diplomacy targeting Taiwan's Hsinchu City and Japan's Tsukuba City, which are major scientific and innovative cities in Asia for 5 days.

On the 19th, Vice Mayor Yoo met with Vice Mayor Chiu Chen-yuan of Hsinchu City, Taiwan, to share the vision of the city union, and propose specific exchange plans such as joint research and development (R&D) and performance of verification tasks, attracting active interest and willingness to participate from Hsinchu City.

On the 21st, Vice Mayor Yoo visited Tsukuba City, Japan, and visited JAXA (Aerospace Research and Development Agency), which is Japan's space development facility, and toured Tsukuba Space Center's research results and space manpower training system.

At this event, Vice Mayor Yoo introduced the establishment of a space industry cluster and talent development policy centered on Daejeon's Aerospace Research Institute. He also announced plans to secure competitiveness in the international community through APRSAF (Asia-Pacific Space Agency Forum) in the future.

Vice Mayor Yoo visited Tsukuba City Hall to meet with Vice Mayor Reiko Masumoto to have a talk about the vision and joint projects of the World Economic and Science Cities Alliance. They also discussed ways to expand exchanges between the two cities, including an official invitation to the midnight festival.

Tsukuba City Vice Mayor Matsumoto expressed his intention to follow up on discussions on practical exchange plans between science and technology innovation institutions, universities, and companies. He also suggested that participation in the midnight festival should be used as an opportunity to expand youth exchanges between the two cities to include the general public as well.

Vice Mayor Yoo shared his thoughts, “Through this business trip, I once again confirmed Daejeon’s status as a science capital. Therefore, I will lay the foundation for Daejeon as a top-tier economic city by building a substantial global economic and scientific platform based on the support and cooperation of the world’s innovative cities that we have built so far.” He emphasized.


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