Iksan (익산), Wonderful Museum City of Korea
Iksan (익산), Wonderful Museum City of Korea
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Iksan city, located in Western South Korea, only one and half hour from Seoul to Iksan by speed railway. The city is called as "The City of Jewerly", recognized by Unesco Heritage. In 2002, Iksan Jewelry Museum was established to give tourists deeper understand about jewelry and knowledge of it including symbold. Besides, there are many interested museums:

  • Iksan National Museum
  • Mireuksaji National Museum
  • Wanggung-ri Relics Museum


In addition, except of museum there also have some top attraction:

  • Iksan Jungang Cheyuk Park
  • Mireuksa Temple Site
  • Hanji Museum
  • Deokjin Park
  • Gyeonggijeon Shrine 

One of Iksan attracted points is the Korean traditional performance which famously performed by Iksan Dance Group. If having a chance to visit and it has the performance there , visitors shouldn't miss the chance to enjoy

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