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Incheon City Tour
Incheon City Tour
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After its test operation on May 24, 2016, Incheon City Tour made a come-back with a brand-new program to explore downtown Incheon. It is a theme program with attractions that may be enjoyed for a long time. The ticket is good for one day to freely experience and enjoy the various attractions in the surrounding areas. The tourists can ride the bus to go to all the designated stations.

The City Tour Bus fare is 5,000KRW per day for adults, good from 9am to 5pm. The bus is available at designated bus stations. It is possible to tour every corner of Incheon according to recommended tour courses.

When you are taking the Songdo ~ Wolmi and Open Port Course, the atmosphere during the Open Port Period, as well as the futuristic atmosphere of Songdo can be experienced as if time traveling for 100 years.

The four theme places that visitors may fully enjoy in the Incheon City Tour are as follows



Tasty Station

  • Central Park : Brunch, tea and dessert, café
  • Incheon Station : Jjajangmyeon (stir-fried noodles with black soybean sauce), Gonggalppang (crispy, hollow bakery products ), moon cake
  • Open Port Street : Dakgangjeong (deep-fried and glazed chicken), Jjolmyeon (chewy cold noodles), stand-up bar

The Exciting Road

  • Central Park : Marine sports and leisure, Tribowl, BIBAP performance
  • Wolmi Cultural Street : BB Gun Shooting Gallery, My-Land

The Romantic Road

  • Songdo International Business District: Songdo Central Park, Incheon Bridge Observatory and G Tower, NEAT Tower
  • Wolmi and Open Port Area: Wolmi Moonlight Music Fountain, Wolmi Observatory, Sinpo-ro Café Street

The Shopping Road

  • Songdo Central Park: NC Cube Canal Walk
  • Songdo Technopark: Hyundai premium outlets
  • Open Port Area: Sinpo Market, Sinpo Underground Shopping Center
  • Incheon Station: Oull stores