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Smart Tourism in Jeollanam-do
Smart Tourism in Jeollanam-do
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Jeonnam Cultural Tourism Foundation Tourism Research and Development Team- Doctor of Tourism Kim Yong-Woon
Jeollanamdo Tourism Foundation- Tourism Research and Development Team- Doctor of Tourism Kim Yong-Woon

The rapid growth of the smartphone market is not only lifestyle but also support people in select and measure their travel methods and locations. Jeollanam-do needs a data-based marketing strategy to manage tourists and secure long-term stay so that more tourism revenue can be generated.

Taking advantage of the mobile environment, photo contents can communicate and transfer information as well as make more people know through social media. Especially, Jeonnam Tourism Photography & UCC Contest, which are suitable for future tourism trends, need to enhance virtual accessibility, stimulate people's curiosity, and create demands, desires and consumption behaviors in South Jeolla

Citizens need to be aware that Jeollanam-do is a global tourist city, and the provincial and tourism foundations should think deeply about the economic effects and how jobs will be created through the management system and committee.

In particular, to expand the tourism base by branding Jeollanam-do and competing with other regions, the government should establish the characteristics of traditional retail and boutique shops in Jeollanam-do to become a unique tourism industry.

At the same time, to diversify the economic base and help the residents' economic life, the Tourism Foundation should provide more deep strategy for tourism as well as operation plan, and evaluation methods to enhance the credibility of the foreign visitors when they come back to Korea in the post-corona era.

Finally, 22 cities and counties in Jeollanam-do should be subdivided to suit regional themes to increase mobility, target tourism consumers, and respond to changes in the environment of the tourism industry by marketing the original city center and the new city in Jeollanam-do. To prepare for another growth, we hope that such smart tourism systems will be greatly expanded and settle