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Enjoy a Customized Trip with New Travel Forecast Service
Enjoy a Customized Trip with New Travel Forecast Service
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Photo: Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)

From October 28, a new service that matches personal travel preferences with tourism attractions has opened on the Korean-VisitKorea website (

This service uses big data such as mobile data, weather forecasts, social media and more to provide information on a customized destination from approximately 1,000 tourist attractions.

Photo: Screenshot from the homepage

It recommends attractions by analyzing the user’s location, travel dates, and purpose of visit, as well as forecasting the suitability of attractions on a given day.

The service takes into consideration the personal preference of each traveler and forecasts the level of congestion at a destination, allowing for a more safe travel.

This service will expand its list of attractions by 1,000 by the end of 2020.

The service can be accessed on the Korean-VisitKorea website, mobile website, and mobile application.

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