THU, 12 03, 2020
Daejeon City - Autonomous Region, let's prepare together for the 2022 UCLG General Assembly.
Daejeon City - Autonomous Region, let's prepare together for the 2022 UCLG General Assembly.
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12th Daejeon Decentralization Policy Council Meeting

□ Daejeon City and five autonomous districts have decided to join forces in preparing for the General Assembly of the World Local Government Union (UCLG), which is scheduled to be held in 2022. The 12th City Council on Policy was held at 5 p.m. on the 17th in the conference room of the Dong-gu Office, Daejeon. 

□ Deputy Mayor Seo Chul-mo of Daejeon City participated in the meeting, which was presided over by deputy heads of five autonomous districts, and focused on six pending issues, including "the 2022 autonomous district festival and the hosting of the World Local Government Union General Assembly.“

The World Federation of Local Governments (UCLG) is the only global regional government council recognized by the United Nations (UN), and the 6th General Assembly held in South Africa last November confirmed its bid to host the 2022 General Assembly in Daejeon.

In particular, it is expected that the regional economic effects will be significant, including 38.4 billion won in production inducement effects and 7.6 billion won in income inducement effects, along with visits to 140 countries, 1,000 city leaders, and more than 5,000 domestic and foreign visitors.

In this regard, the city is in talks with the Ministry of Public Administration and Security to hold the 2022 Local Autonomy Day ceremony and the Local Autonomy Expo in Daejeon, a domestic event with the same purpose as the UCLG, for the successful hosting of the general meeting.

To enhance the synergy effect of the World Local Government Union (UCLG) General Assembly and the Local Autonomy Expo, the Daejeon Metropolitan Government proposed to hold the Autumn Festival of the autonomous region in 2022 in time for the general assembly, and to promote the festival together with the general assembly, the fair and the autonomous region.

In response, the autonomous region promised a positive review as the largest international event was held in Daejeon since the 1993 Daejeon Expo.

□ On the other hand, regarding the 'COVID-19 Overcoming Regional Jobs Project' linked to the government's fourth supplementary budget, they agreed to actively pursue the project as it is for the local economy and vulnerable people amid the unprecedented infectious disease situation.

Regarding the 2021 project to renovate living conditions in vulnerable areas, the government will actively respond to the government's public offering in consideration of securing basic living standards for residents in vulnerable areas and providing state funding worth 5 billion won.

Also, the government will push ahead with other issues as planned, such as "clearing up the share of road facility maintenance cities and districts," "establishing a department dedicated to the autonomous community to realize the city's democratic rights," and "improving the performance of quantitative indicators for the joint government evaluation in 2020."

□ "Many pending issues in Daejeon, including the designation of an innovative city, are showing positive signals," said Seo Chul-mo, Deputy mayor of the Daejeon Metropolitan Government. "The city and the autonomous region should quickly complete major policies in one mind."