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Romantic Evening Out at Lighting Festivals
Romantic Evening Out at Lighting Festivals
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In winter, when the day becomes shorter than the night, many lighting festivals open not only in Seoul but also in the surrounding area, particularly in Gyeonggi-do. With LED lights, these lighting festivals create a colorful and romantic atmosphere in the evening. Here are some amazing lighting festivals with beautiful decorations that will warm your heart.

Little Prince Lighting Festival at Petite France

Petite France is designed as a small French village in Korea, and it is also recognized as a top filming location for popular Korean dramas such as “My Love from the Star (2013)” and “Secret Garden (2011).” The design of the Little Prince Lighting Festival was inspired by Montellier, a small suburban city in southern France. All of the lights used for the decorations were directly purchased from France. The buildings painted in pastel colors harmonize with the lights strung throughout the village to create a fairytale atmosphere. Visitors can also enjoy performances and other exciting programs.

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Herb Island Light Festival in Pocheon

Pocheon Herb Island in Gyeonggi-do is a beautiful arboretum by day, but when the sun goes down, the garden transforms into a romantic space lit by colorful lights on every side. The countless LED lights of the Herb Island Light Festival brighten the garden in the theme of fairy tales. The attractions are endless, from the lovely pink wish tunnel to Santa’s Village, featuring Santa House and Santa Church. The photo spots throughout the park make it a popular attraction among couples.

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Lighting Festival at The Garden of Morning Calm

The Garden of Morning Calm, nestled in the pristine nature of Chungnyeongsan Mountain, showcases the traditional beauty of a Korean garden. Every evening in winter, the arboretum’s themed gardens, including Korean Theme Garden, Morning Plaza, Road to Heaven, and Moonlight Garden, are aglow thanks to the lighting festival Visitors can see illuminations of giraffes, deer, bears, and other forest animals, as well as a starlight tunnel in the Hometown Garden. The bright lights that decorate the grassy fields display an unforgettable view.

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Source: Imagine Your Korea