SAT, JANUARY 16, 2021
'Ontong Daejeon' (Daejeon Local Currency) delivery platform service!!
'Ontong Daejeon' (Daejeon Local Currency) delivery platform service!!
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Support for small business owners by creating an ecosystem of low-cost delivery apps and brokerage commissions of less than 2%
The Ontong Daejeon Delivery Platform Demonstration Service Initiated

□ Daejeon City announced on the 16th that it will launch a pilot service for the Ontong Daejeon delivery platform to support delivery apps with low fees to local small business owners.

The Ontong Daejeon delivery platform is a public-private partnership process model project that utilizes private apps that operate at low brokerage fees of 2 percent or less to ease the burden on small business owners and support online use of Ontong Daejeon to citizens.

□ The city selected participating business operators ▲ Manna Planet (Bursimi app) ▲ Honeybiz (Dingdong app) ▲ AirNew (Whiparam app) in October. This time, the company will connect the Daejeon Direct Payment System and launch a trial service with more than 500 stores.

The bursim app is scheduled to be launched in January, reflecting the improvements and holding a trial period from December 16 to 31.

1,000 first-served people will be given 3,000 won discount coupons during the demonstration period.

The app can be downloaded from a link connected to the Ontong Daejeon app or search for Bursim (Ontong Daejeon) in the Play Store. To promote the business as soon as possible, Android will be opened first, and IOS will also be supported as soon as the app review is completed.

Ko Hyun-deok, director of the job economy bureau in Daejeon, said, "With the expansion of COVID-19, we prepared as quickly as possible to support small business owners who are suffering a lot of damage." "We will find and strengthen various policy projects linked to Ontong Daejeon.“

Small business owners who want to enter the Ontong Daejeon delivery platform can contact 1661-5804 (Bursim App).