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Walk from Guri to Yangpyeong, Pyeonghae-gil Opens!
Walk from Guri to Yangpyeong, Pyeonghae-gil Opens!
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Photo: Jipyeonghyanggyo Confucian School
Photo: Jipyeonghyanggyo Confucian School

Pyeonghae-gil, a path connecting Guri to Yangpyeong, opened on December 29, 2020. This path is part of the Gyeonggi Yaetgil, a historic cultural walking path that passes by several cultural heritage sites in the area.

The Pyeonghae-gil follows a path known as Gwandong-daero, a trail that connected Gangwon-do and Hanyang, the capital of the Joseon dynasty. Travelers on the path can see the beautiful scenery of the Hangang River waterside, mountains, and fields.

Pyeonghae-gil has a total of 10 sections stretching 125 kilometers, one in Guri, two in Namyangju, and seven in Yangpyeong. The path passes many cultural heritage sites such as Mangu Myoyeok, Jomalsaeng Tomb, the Historic Site of Jeong Yak-yong, Jipyeonghyanggyo Confucian School, and more.

The entire path has signs marking the different sections to help travelers pass safely. Also, there are stamp boxes along the path to mark one’s travels, adding to the fun.