FRI, FEBRUARY 26, 2021
In Daejeon, the science city, what if the road name address and the robot meet?
In Daejeon, the science city, what if the road name address and the robot meet?
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Daejeon City and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and the pilot operation of self-driving delivery robots based on addresses

Daejeon City announced that it has completed the final verification of the ‘Road Name Address-based Self-driving Demonstration Delivery Robot’ being promoted by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology through a month-long pilot operation.“

The address-based self-driving demonstration delivery robot, which has completed its final verification this time, was selected for the ‘Advanced Address System and Support for Innovative Growth Industry’ initiative organized by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security in March 2020.

hrough this project, Daejeon City, along with KAIST Professor Kim Dae-young and Professor Shim Hyun-Chul's team, supports the research on the direction of creating a new address-based industry by combining the recently-issued autonomous delivery robot with the road name address.

In the meantime, universities and large hospitals have identified difficulties in identifying locations using the same address, and are pushing to give road names and road name addresses for individual buildings in KAIST on a trial basis.

In connection with this, autonomous delivery robots will be active by recognizing delivery points where the road name address system is used.

A Daejeon city official said, "The concept of 'address' in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is ICT-based, is expected to expand the role of addresses as a medium for communicating people, people, and machines from the location of people's residences or corporations." In the future, Daejeon City will take the lead in responding to the administration that citizens sympathize with and feel."