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Hidden tourist attractions in Daejeon, Freely by sightseeing taxi
Hidden tourist attractions in Daejeon, Freely by sightseeing taxi
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The basic fare for Daejeon Tourism Taxi is 50,000 won for 3 hours, and you can choose a tourist attraction.

The Daejeon Metropolitan Government hold a 'Daejeon Tourism Taxi Launch Ceremony' on February 1 and launch a customized tourism service in earnest with a total of nine tourist taxis.

About 40 people attended the launching ceremony held at Daejeon City Hall, including Sohn Chul-Woong, Director of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau in Daejeon City, Daejeon Tourism Taxi Transportation Operator, and Daejeon Tourism Taxi Invitation Family.

Before the operation of tourist taxis, Daejeon City also hosted a special event to invite the elderly, who are vulnerable to travel, and families from low-income families to tour the major tourist attractions in Daejeon for about five hours.

Daejeon Tourism Taxi provides convenient and safe taxi tourism services to domestic and foreign tourists visiting Daejeon, including taxi drivers recommending seasonal destinations, accommodations, and restaurants.

In August last year, Daejeon City selected tourist taxi carriers for those who are non-smokers among private taxi carriers and have no accident driving experience for more than three years to provide training on the operation of tourist taxis.

Reservations for tourist taxis in Daejeon can be made at the Geumgang bureungi System ( and the basic fare is 50,000 won for three hours and the surcharge is 15,000 won per hour. In addition to the recommended course, tourists can freely choose tourist attractions and have a safe and convenient trip.

"We hope that the taxi industry and the tourism industry, which have been stagnant due to COVID-19, will regain vitality with the operation of Daejeon Tourism Taxi," said Sohn Chul-Woong, Director of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau.

Meanwhile, the Daejeon Tourism Taxi reservation system was established as part of the project to foster key tourist attractions in Daejeon, Gongju, Buyeo, and Iksan in 2020.