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SIETAR Southeast Asia Conference Addresses DEIB in the Asian Context
SIETAR Southeast Asia Conference Addresses DEIB in the Asian Context
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The SIETAR Southeast Asia conference held from March 22nd to 24th, 2024, in Singapore, saw a convergence of global experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts to deliberate on the pivotal theme of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) within the Asian narrative.

The conference provided a vital platform for meaningful exchanges, introspection, and innovation surrounding DEIB with an Asian perspective. Singapore, renowned for its exemplary practices in diversity and inclusion, served as an apt host for this transformative dialogue.

With Asia emerging as one of the most diverse and economically significant regions globally, the imperative of effective cross-cultural engagement has never been more pronounced. Against this backdrop, the conference deliberated on the necessity of contextualizing DEIB frameworks within the rich tapestry of Asian cultures, languages, and socio-economic landscapes.

Acknowledging the prevailing disconnect between Western-centric DEIB paradigms and Asian realities, participants and speakers actively engaged in envisioning an indigenous framework tailored to address the unique cultural nuances, priorities, and challenges of the region.

The event indeed witnessed an impressive international turnout, with speakers and presenters showcasing a diverse array of perspectives and expertise. Participants, hailing from 19 countries of origin, representing 29 ancestral groups, and conversing in over 40 languages, underscored the global relevance and resonance of the discussions.

Organized by a dedicated volunteer committee from SIETAR Southeast Asia, which included executive committee member Joyce Jenkins (conference chair), as well as Marie-Therese Claes, Judit Vegh, Seiji Nakano, Greg Rastello, and Aarti Kelshikar, the conference's resounding success was unequivocally attributed to their unwavering commitment and contributions. The event saw active participation both onsite and online, facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas and fostering enduring connections within the DEIB community

As the conference culminated, it left an indelible mark, inspiring a collective commitment to propel DEIB initiatives rooted in the rich tapestry of Asian cultures and identities. Jane Jihye Kim from Korea contributed to the conference as a presenter on [Success of K-Culture with Diversity & Inclusion].


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