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Muan Lotus Flower Festival
Muan Lotus Flower Festival
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August every year

The Hoesan Baengnyeonji Pond, the largest pond in the east which is about 330,000㎡(100,000 Pyeong), was built by the blood and sweat of our Korean ancestors during the Japanese colonial era acted as a lifeline for the production of food by supplying water to farmland nearby. 

The white lotus in Hoesan Baengnyeonji Pond doesn’t bloom at once like the red lotus, but bloom as if it is very shy blooming and falling off from July to September. The pond is an eco-experience center with 30 species of lotus flowers including the fox nut, water lily, red lotus, pygmy water lily, and the floating heart along with 50 other species of aquatic plants. There is a glass house, an aquatic plant eco-center, a lotus flower observatory, a suspension bridge, an observation deck, a water playground (wave pool), and an autocamp. 

Hoesan Baengnyeonji Pond, which doesn’t supply agriculture water anymore, has been hosting the lotus flower festival between July and August every year since 1997. The festival is for everyone to the enjoy cool summer healing using nature, the lotus, flower, snow, ice, water, and shade as the themes because it is an ecological and natural festival held in sizzling summer. 

■ Experience Events : Water playground (wave pool), autocamp, lotus flower route boat exploration, natural dyeing of lotus flowers.


Usage Information

  • ADD: Around Hoesan Baengnyeonji Pond (Illo-eup, Muan-gun)
  • Events: Hanging wish lamp, sharing Baengnyeon rice cake bar
  • Homepage:
  • TEL: 061-450-5114

Google Map of Hoesan Baengnyeonji Pond