Cape Ganjeolgot - Ulsan Coastal Attraction Tour (울산)
Cape Ganjeolgot - Ulsan Coastal Attraction Tour (울산)
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Where the sun rises first on the Korean peninsula: Cape Ganjeolgot

Widely known as the first place where the sun rises on the Korean peninsula each day, Cape Ganjeolgot attracts many people who want to admire the wonders of a beautiful sunrise and participate in the annual Sunrise Festival held here on New Year’s Day. Visitors to the spot also like to admire the endless horizon and the magnificent scenery of the east coast. The cape is also known as a shooting location of famous Korean TV shows such as Flames of Desire, May Queen and Friend: The Great Legacy. In recent years it has emerged as a place where you can play an augmented reality (AR) game and enjoy a memorable experience with your friends, loved ones, and family.

  • Location

    39-2 Ganjeolgot 1-gil, Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju-gun

  • Inquiries

    052-204-0311~5(Culture and Tourism Division of Ulju County Office),

  • From Ulsan Airport

    Take bus no. 205, 225 or 453 and get off at the East Gate of Ulsan Grand Park. Transfer to bus no. 405 or 715 and get off at Cape Ganjeolgot

  • From Taehwagang Station/Intercity Bus Terminal

    Take bus no. 715 and get off at Cape Ganjeolgot

Ulsan Ocean Coral Museum: It is a museum where you can see rare corals and various shellfish from around the world.
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